• Saying Goodbye to My Attachment to Things
    Life Lessons,  Personal Growth

    Saying Goodbye to My Attachment to Things

    I wanted to make peace with all the things I owned. I wanted to detach myself from my possessions so that I can let go of any fear I have of losing them. In turn, I freed myself by knowing that if I were to lose everything I owned, I would still be okay because everything is replaceable. I trust that if some unforeseen circumstance occurred and all my things were burned, destroyed or washed away, I would remain calm and remember that I didn’t lose what’s truly important: myself. As I combed through all my possessions, I asked myself a couple of things: Would I be sad if I…

  • Life Lessons,  Personal Growth

    9 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Lost

    The uncertainty of the future used to scare the hell out of me. I was scared of not knowing where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing, and whether I would be successful. I would wonder: Will I make enough money? Will I get married and have kids? Will I live a life of hardships? Today, those fears are not all absent but I don’t let it stop me from being excited about life. Not knowing where I’ll be in the next year or two gives me an element of surprise to look forward to. With no debt, no mortgage, no kids weighing me down, I have the freedom to build…

  • How to Not Take Anything Personally
    Life Lessons,  Personal Growth

    How to Not Take Anything Personally

    I used to be a highly sensitive person and now I’ve learned to not take anything personally. I’m pretty good about it with people I’m casual with, but it wasn’t until recently when I started to not take things personally from anyone. No matter how close I am to them. After all the heartbreaks and broken friendships, it took me this long to realize that everything they did was not personal. Even when I tried to not take it personally, I wasn’t able to. My instinctual reaction was I wouldn’t do that to you, why would you do that to me? How could you do that to me? But in…

  • Indochina Junk Boat Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    Indochina Junk Boat Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    If you ever visit Vietnam, you must take a junk boat cruise in Ha Long Bay! What’s a junk boat you ask? It’s a Chinese sailing vessel that looks like a pirate ship! Arrr! I personally think it’s really neat and unique looking! Depending on your needs, you can do a private cruise for two on a smaller boat or a larger one with 48 guests (which is not large compared to regular cruise ships). My friend and I ended up going with the larger luxury cruise. Since we had limited time, we chose the 2 day/1 night option which ended up being just enough. For just 2 days, it…

  • How to Let Go of Control
    Life Lessons,  Personal Growth

    How to Accept & Let Go

    I’m starting to see myself let go of situations I can’t control and accepting things as they are. In situations that trigger me, I would find myself pausing to the awareness that my body is tense and asking myself why. Why do I feel this way? What thoughts do I have? Are these thoughts true or assumptions? What can I do right now to change how I feel? By asking myself these questions, I came to realize it’s my need to control that is triggering me and taking me out of the present moment. Since I live at home and my parents are retired, there’s rarely a day that I…

  • Dyeing Asian Hair: Black to Ash Blonde to Ombre
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    DIY Hair Dye Journey: Black to Ash Blonde to Ombre

    My hair has endured many bleach + dye sessions since my high school days. I used to have thick blonde highlights in high school and streaks of blonde peekaboo’s when I started college. Since I have Asian hair, it was always a challenge to go lighter without it turning an orange/reddish color. After many failed attempts at going lighter, I gave up and dyed my hair the blackest black you can find. I regretted dying it black soon after and embarked on a journey to lightening my hair again! Below are pictures of my hair from the last 9 years evolving from blackest black to ash blonde to ombre. It…

  • Indonesia: Bali & Komodo Islands (3-Day Itinerary)
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    Indonesia: Bali & Komodo Islands (3-Day Guide)

    If you love breathtaking beaches, rewarding hikes, and exotic animals then you should pack your bags and head to Indonesia! This 3-day itinerary includes Bali, Komodo Island, Padar Beach, and Pink Sand Beach with pictures and tips to guide you. Costs and additional trip information can be found at the end of this post. Day Before: Fly into Bali – Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) Day 1: Day Tour in Ubud Morning: Tegallalang Rice Terrace Noon: Lunch with a view Afternoon: Tegenungan Waterfall & relax at the pool Evening: Explore Downtown Day 2: Volcano Hike & Travel Morning: Mount Batur Volcano Hike Afternoon: 1-hour flight to Labuan Bajo Komodo Airport (LBJ)…

  • Weekly Reflection & Self-Care To Do List
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    Weekly Reflection & Self-Care To Do List

    This last week has been a little tough on me. I’ve been facing some challenges with my blogs that has me feeling a bit discouraged. For whatever reason, Facebook thinks The Frugal Mind is a website with malicious content, so I’m not able to link the website ANYWHERE on FB or Instagram! I can’t even share it as a link through their FB messenger! I’ve sent them messages and searched their forums for answers but have not received a reply or found a solution that works. I even tried buying an FB ad but I was blocked there as well! It’s definitely been frustrating but I will keep pushing through…

  • Reason Why Single Life is Awesome
    Dating,  Personal Growth

    14 Reasons Why Single Life is Awesome

    I have to say, I’ve been mostly single for the last 3.5 years and it’s been an awesome experience. Although being in a relationship has its perks, the feeling of not being tied down by anyone or anything shouldn’t be taken for granted. There are definitely advantages to being single that people often overlook. 1. You have the whole bed to yourself. You’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep without interruptions like snoring, blanket hogging, and arm whacking. 2. You have the whole dessert to yourself. Sure, sharing is caring but you can’t deny that having the whole dessert to yourself is nice too. 3. You don’t have to stress over…

  • Law of Attraction Planner is Life-Changing!
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    Review: The Law of Attraction Planner is Life-Changing!

    When I bought the Law of Attraction Planner, I didn’t expect it to be so life-changing. I was preparing myself for a career change and wanted to get something that will help keep me on track. What makes the Law of Attraction Planner stand out from the rest are the incorporated activity worksheets where you’ll plan out your goals for the life you envision. If you still don’t know what your life’s purpose is, I suggest doing the flower exercise and using that to supplement the planner. In only 1.5 months of using this planner, I was able to: Do yoga 3-4x a week Write 3 things I’m grateful for…